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Our Services


We have a diverse array of therapists offering individual, family and couples therapy.  Therapy is a very personal experience and working with a therapist that matches your personality is very important to the success of your therapy. 


We feel that the choice to take medications is a very personal choice. We will guide you and make recommendations. Treatment decisions are ultimately yours and we are happy to act as collaborators and make recommendations, along with discussing the risks, benefits and alternative treatments available to you. Offering traditional and alternative treatments for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar and Mood disorders, Schizophrenia, ADHD, OCD, and all other mental health issues. 


We believe that education is one of the highest priorities in helping people with mental health issues.  We are working to provide a comprehensive array of group therapy options and educational seminars.  Please sign up for our newsletter and class schedule.


Vitamin supplementation and good nutrition is a highly overlooked aspect of mental illness. We will offer suggestions on lifestyle changes, recommendations on vitamin supplementation and offer stress reduction techniques to help you live a life of health and wellness.

Sometimes you may not need therapy but a helpful person, a coach, to keep you on track with your goals and to check in periodically to see how you are progressing on your achieving your dreams. We are offering a custom service not covered by insurance to help you develop and reach your goals. 


Billing & Practice Management Services

It is our mission to improve your bottom line, while providing stellar service.  Our contract terms

are defined with your success in mind; we do not hold you to a contract that would otherwise create hardship for you.  We strive to create long term relationships based on mutual growth and success.

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